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The Book

David is just fourteen when he courageously kills a black-maned lion to rescue the flock of sheep in his protection. Even at his young age, he is focused on becoming a great warrior who will one day fight to defeat Israel’s enemies. But when David is suddenly summoned home from the fields by his father, everything changes.

After David learns that King Saul has summoned him to play and sing for him in an effort to drive away an evil spirit, he immediately travels from Bethlehem to Gilgal, all while praying he can fulfill the order. Soon after David befriends the king’s son, Jonathan, he is released by Saul after his musical efforts seemingly fail. When David is eventually anointed to become the future King of Israel after God rejects Saul’s rebellious house and Jonathan as the next-in-line to take the throne, he fears Jonathan will hate him. Just as David is thrust to the heights of fame and glory, the king sets out on a vengeful quest that changes everything once again.

In this biblical tale set in ancient Israel, a young man embarks on a coming-of-age journey that he hopes leads him to his destiny—unless someone stops him first.


Breath of Rapture

By Polly Hutchison

When her sister died, Susan’s life changed dramatically. Forced to leave home, tempted by forbidden love, faced with growing opposition to her faith, Susan must make difficult decisions as the world around her dissolves into chaos.

If you enjoyed the Left Behind series, you will find yourself caught up in this dramatic story that takes you right into the End Times.

Familiar settings suddenly become frightening, as food shortages, gas rationing, campus unrest, and the rise of the occult intrude into the mainstream life. The frightening progression of events that sweep ordinary people into extraordinary situations makes this a book that, once started, is impossible to put down. Even a reader familiar with End Times prophecy will find the ending unpredictable.


Divine Healing

Answers to Tough Questions

By Polly Hutchison

While working for Morris Cerullo, I would contact people claiming to be healed, obtaining follow-up x-rays, doctor’s statements, and interviewing family and friends. I saw first hand how God works in people’s lives. Then I began receiving letters from people who thought they were healed and later their symptoms returned, and from people who had not been healed and questioned why.

Books on healing were no help being merely testimonies. A Bible College course on healing was attempting to decide whether healing was for today. Finally, prayerfully I went through the entire Bible, copying every verse having to do with healing. I don’t claim to have found all the answers, and there are no formulas or pat answers with God. What I learned will be very helpful to others. The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 In the case of healing this is literally true.


Jonathan: The Forgotten Hero

By Polly Hutchison

At the age of fifteen Jonathan led an untried army against a Philistine Garrison, winning an incredible victory. Two years later Jonathan and his armor bearer attacked a Philistine Army, and when joined by his father’s troops again won an amazing victory. After these triumphs, Jonathan is forced to stand by, watching his father descend into a madness that, after destroying the lives of his family, eventually led to the most terrible defeat Israel ever suffered to that time. Today Jonathan’s amazing victories have become submerged in the story of David. If people remember him at all, it is as David’s friend. What he achieved has become lost, and Jonathan has become Israel’s forgotten hero.


On Wings of Pegasus

A Romantic Mystery

By Polly McBee Hutchison

Judy Evers left the praries and distant mountains of Wyoming to escape a degrading relationship with Gabe Henderson. In San Diego she obtained a position as an editorial assistant with the newly established Pegasus Publishing Company. There she finds herself once again falling for a super handsome man, Bic Benedict, a co-worker. She fights this attraction, fearing a similar experience to that with Gabe, who continues to call and threatens to come to California if she won’t return to Cheyenne. When her boss is murdered, everyone is suspect and Judy finds herself suspecting Bic even though her heart prompts her to trust him. With her own life at stake, Judy cannot afford to make a mistake.